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Learn English with Martin

Would you like to learn English in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere?
All the skills –speaking, reading, writing and listening will be covered in classes.
A class will have a maximum of fifteen students that will include pair and group work.
So, as well as learning English but also meeting new friends, join our English class hour!
Topics to be covered:

1.Greetings, introduction, providing a personal info following a CV

2. Ordering meals, beverages
3. Talking on the phone
4. Directions – asking and giving
5. Money, visiting a bank
6. Emergency situations; body parts, visiting a doctor; health issues
7. Reading and understanding on article in a magazine, newspaper, an instruction, e-mail
8. Listening and understanding a spoken message; asking, answering and getting engaged
9. Business English – e-mail construction, typical vocabulary, expressions and online

Please test your English here: http://en.kpconcept.eu/test.php
Dowload and fill up enrolment form below.