Translation of documents

Community Translation Service

Our office offers translations of documents such as, among other things, birth and marriage certificates, police certificates, certificates on lack of property ownership, notarial deeds, powers of attorney, diplomas and school certificates.

We translate from English to Polish and from Polish to English.

Our translations are accepted at offices in Cork.

A certified translation of a document costs €25 per page (1,600 characters)

Funds obtained as part of this service support the operation of other services of the organisation and the work of the organisation's office.

By using our services, you help others.

The Community Translation Service is operated by volunteers from Poland and Ireland with language qualifications to translate

NOTE: We also provide translation services free of charge to people we support who are in our assessment in a difficult financial situation

NOTE: The Together-Razem Centre assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of submitted documents, we do not translate selected parts of documents but only complete documents, we are not responsible for the purposes and intended uses of the translation by the client.

Medical and professional translations - an order can only be accepted upon acceptance by the translator and their individual valuation

Translation of documents

Translation order

You can place an order:

1. personally by visiting the office of the Together-Razem Centre, Unit 2A, Kilnap Business Park, Mallow Road, Blackpool, Cork during office hours

2. online using the website, click on the button "Place an order online" above

Translation of documents

Online order

Click the picture above to order:

NOTE: If the documents you want to translate are in paper form, scan them and follow the order instructions. You can also send a picture taken with a camera or a mobile phone. For the document to be readable, your camera must have the MACRO function.

Translation of documents

Pay for the service

If you place an order at the office, fill out the order form and pay at the office

If you place an online order, pay in advance following the instructions

NOTE: We also provide translation services free of charge to people we support who are in our assessment in a difficult financial situation

Translation of documents

Translation delivery

Costs of the order shipment are additional €3

You can pick up your order free of charge at the office

Translation of documents

Certified translation


  • price per A4 page (±1600 characters)
  • execution time - usually approx. 48 - 72 h up to 7 days
Translation of documents

Express translation


  • price per A4 page (±1600 characters)
  • execution time - usually from 24 hours to 48 hours
Translation of documents

Specialist translation


  • specialist and medical translation is valued individually
  • ask a question in advance by calling the office 021 4395588 and sending the document before placing your order
Translation of documents

Shipping costs


postage costs

  • postage and administrative costs are €3 - only ordinary mail

The Together-Razem Centre is a Charity, 19216, but in order to exist and run its programmes, it needs also external financing, so we organise public collections, fundraising events and provide paid services available to everyone, the so-called affordable services. All organisations with the Charity status in Ireland can legally sell their goods and services, and allocate revenues to carry out their missions and statutory tasks - as discussed in Section 208 of the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997.