We invite you to our school, the Razem Academy.

The Razem Academy is a complementary school. This type of schools are schools most often created by social associations and organisations, foundations that run non-profit activities, in this case by the Together-Razem Centre charity.

The aim of our school is to teach Polish and transfer knowledge about the culture of the country of origin of their parents. In the form of play, we teach children to read and write in Polish, and we present the culture, history and geography of Poland.

The tuition fee for a school year is only €51 per month for one child or €76 for two children per month.

PRINCIPLES OF ADMISSION (excerpt from the School Regulations)

The application of a candidate for a new student at the Razem Academy school consists in submitting:

1 application for admission to the School, along with the required documents.


2 entry fee of €50 for each child. The entry fee guarantees the child a place in the school and covers activities related to admission to the school including interview. The fee is non-refundable, except when the school fails to form a group of at least 6 students for one class. The fee is a fixed annual fee when registering the child for school. If the child continues education at the Razem Academy, the entry fee for the next year is €25 for each child.

The application for admission to the School should be accompanied by the following documents:

1 copy of the birth certificate of the child,

2 for students applying for admission to grades 2-6: a copy of the certificate of the last completed class/school in Poland (or Polish community school),

3 in the case of students with special educational/health needs, an opinion of a specialist/GP/psychological - please not we do not provide extra special needs assistance,

4 confirmation of payment of the non-refundable entry fee of €50 for each child.

If the child is not admitted to the school due to failure to form a class, the entry fee will be refunded within 30 days. The fee should be paid to the account of the Together-Razem Centre, stating the name and surname of the new student.

Together-Razem Centre
AIB Bank , 66 South Mall, Cork, Ireland
Sort Code 93-63-83
Acc No: 46461002
Numer IBAN IE10AIBK93638346461002

The enrollment form can be submitted:

-via email to the address razemacademy@together-razem.org, and request the application form

-using this form CLICK HERE

-call to our office in person with the set of documents during business hours to the office of the Together-Razem Centre, Uni 2A, Kilnap Business Park, Mallow Rd, Cork

Process of admission of a student to the school

1. The decision on admitting the child to the school is made by the School Principal within 14 days from the submission of the complete set of documents and payment of the registration and administration fee. Decision is followed by a meeting with a student and parent ONLINE/in person in order to assess the student candidate skills to allocate student to a proper group and to recognize student needs and to explain all teaching methods details to the parent.

Parents/legal guardians will receive information on the decision on admission in writing or by e-mail.

2. After the application for admission of a new candidate for student to the Razem Academy School is approved, parents/legal guardians sign the agreement for admission of the child to the school.

The agreement is a document regulating the purchase of an educational service at the Razem Academy.

After the start of school, there is a possibility to withdraw from the agreement within 30 days (Cooling Off period)

Date and duration of classes

The school year at the Razem Academy is divided into two semesters: the first semester - from September to January; the second semester - from February to June, in accordance with the schedule of classes at Irish schools.

Classes are held once a week in the branches:

in Ballincollig - on Mondays

in Midleton - on Thursdays

and last from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM