Complex of Polish Schools in Cork County since 2015

Razem Academy

The Razem Academy is a modern and child-friendly school, where children like to come and learn.

Children have weekends free from school and classes take place in the middle of the week.

The aim of our school is to teach Polish and transfer knowledge about the culture of the country of origin of their parents.

In the form of play, we teach children to read and write in Polish, and we present the culture, history and geography of Poland.

We implement our own curriculum based on the core curriculum of the Polish Ministry of National Education.

We issue school certificates

We issue school cards

We offer speech therapy support related to bilingualism

We go on class trips, organise school parties and celebrate Polish traditions.

We have great teachers

The Razem Academy is a school registered in the base of Polish community institutions of the Centre for the Development of Polish Education Abroad

The school is entered into the register of facilities of the Centre for the Development of Polish Education Abroad (ORPEG) under number 7455 here: Entry in ORPEG

The Razem Academy is supported by the Polish Embassy in Dublin

The Razem Academy is the most financially attractive social education offer - tuition only €51, two children €76.

The leading body and patron of the school is the Together-Razem Centre - charity operating in Cork since 2006.

Classes are held in two schools, on Mondays in Ballincollig and on Thursdays in Midleton, from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM. We offer free parking lots for the duration of classes in all schools.

Razem Academy


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