Service in Ukrainian and Russian languages

Trauma support

Together-Razem is offering free face-to-face and online trauma psychotherapy sessions specifically for Ukrainian refugees.  Currently, face-to-face therapy sessions are only available to clients in the Dublin region, with online therapy sessions available to those resident in Cork / outside Dublin.  As the service develops, we plan to make face-to-face therapy available to Cork clients.

Trauma counselling is provided in Ukrainian and Russian languages by Ruslana Verkhova, a  qualified professional Counsellor & Psychotherapist, who is educated in Ireland and accredited with the IACP (Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).


Trauma counselling is available to individuals who are experiencing mild to moderate mental health difficulties due to the war in Ukraine and who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Have arrived in Ireland after 24th February 2022
  • Have Ukrainian citizenship
  • Are in possession of a Temporary Protection Letter (TPL)

You may be asked to provide evidence of this eligibility: a copy of TPL, copy of passport identity page, and confirmation of residence in Ireland.


To avail of these free trauma counselling sessions individuals can be referred by relevant service providers and organisations or they can self-refer.


Stage one:  Complete a  pre-screening questionnaire.

Prospective clients are asked to fill in a pre-screening questionnaire in Russian/Ukrainian in order to assess eligibility to proceed further to an assessment with the psychotherapist.

There are two options for completing the pre-screening questionnaire:

  1. By phone - Contact the Together4Ukriane Hub on tel. 021 450 51 53 and our staff will go through the questions with you. (see office hours below).
  2. Online –  click the link HERE  to complete and submit your questionnaire online. You may receive a follow up phone call for clarification if required.

Stage two:

If the pre-screening process has found you to be eligible for counselling, you will be notified of this and placed on a waiting list for an initial assessment.
At this point we may request additional evidence of  your eligibility: a copy of TPL, copy of passport identity page, and confirmation of residence in Ireland.

We also require clients to sign an informed consent form, accepting terms and conditions of therapy before beginning the sessions.

You will be contacted directly by the therapist to arrange an initial assessment appointment (online or face-to-face, depending on your location).

The initial assessment will determine the best option for you: further treatment with our therapist or referral to a different service.  If you are referred elsewhere, you will be given clear reasons for this and provided with details of alternative services.

Stage three:

The client is notified that they are suitable for further treatment with our therapist.   Prior to commencing the sessions, the client signs the following terms and conditions consent form.

The therapist and client arrange a date and time for the first appointment. (ASSESMENT)
A course of 6 therapy sessions is commenced.

This programme is funded by a private philanthropist from Ireland with a support of Mental Health Ireland.

Terms and conditions:

The client accepts the Terms & Conditions associated with the service prior to attending the first session:

  • Free appointments are, at all times, subject to availability
  • Client accepts that eligibility for the free session is fully at the discretion of Together-Razem based on criteria:
    - pre-screening form confirming eligibility for initial assessment
    - copy of TPS letter
    - Ukrainian citizenship
    - residing in Ireland
  • Client accepts overall number of appointments available under the programme is VERY
  • Free appointments from this programme, exclusively apply for people residing in the Republic of Ireland ONLY and having Temporary Protection status
  • Donation in recognition of service received are welcome but not required – here is the link to donation page:
  • Clients can avail of a maximum of 6 free therapy sessions  under the programme in 2022;
  • Appointments may be cancelled up to 48 hours before the appointment is due to begin with no penalty. Appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours' notice are deemed a Late Cancellation/No Show. Clients with an aggregate of two Late Cancellations/No Shows will be removed from the programme and will no longer be eligible for free of charge appointments.
  • Together-Razem Centre and our therapist are not in position to produce medico-legal reports nor legal documents
  • Together-Razem reserves the right to amend any of the above terms and conditions at any time.


  • Temporary Protection Letter
  • Arrived to Ireland after 24th February
  • Ukrainian citizenship
Please note in order to access online therapy you need to have access to laptop/smartphone.