Online Advice Centre

Online Advice Centre

The Online Advice service is offered mainly to people who cannot come in person to meet our advisor in our office in Cork. This service has an national remit so migrants living far away from Cork can also access advice and information

Advice is free and is provided as part of voluntary service by a professional advisor working with the Citizen Information Phone Service. We note, however, that this advice does not constitute a full legal interpretation and serves for information purposes only. The Together-Razem Centre is not responsible for the use of our advice for purposes other than for information purposes.

In order to access free online advice , please CLICK below and fill out the form. Please fill in the form completely. Your data, in accordance with our GDPR policy, is necessary for registration purposes as well as statistical documentation of the activities of the Together-Razem Centre. Please refer to our Privacy Policy, which has been updated in line with the latest GDPR recommendations in Ireland HERE.

By using the site of the Online Advice Centre and clicking the box and link below, you agree that you understand and accept the above conditions.

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