Guide for Poles in Ireland

Here soon a new Guide for Poles will appear with the most important information about life in Ireland

At the moment, we recommend the most up-to-date "Well-Informed Senior" Guide, which contains information as of July 2018 in the field of:

The first chapter deals with the taxation system in Ireland. It presents general rules of settlement with the Irish Tax Office. It explains what taxes and contributions are withheld from salary in Ireland and what documents are issued for employment.

The second chapter discusses the state healthcare system and assistance programs not dependent on income that are due to persons residing in Ireland according to unified European Union regulations and those which are subject to the assessment of income and personal situation.

The third chapter presents the general principles of the social welfare system.

The fourth chapter is entirely devoted to old-age pensions. It explains at what age and where you can apply for a pension. It presents the method of calculating the amount of old-age pension in Ireland and the amount of payment depending on the average amount of contributions. Differences between the pension based on contributions and on the assessment of income in the family were explained.

The fifth chapter contains an overview of benefits related to short and long-term illness. It emphasizes the possibility of combining Irish and Polish contributions to obtain benefits.

The sixth chapter provides an overview of carers' allowances and a nursing home support program.

The seventh chapter discusses benefits related to the loss of a close relative. It explains which benefits are continued after death. It also points out in which cases it is worth to write a will.

The eighth chapter is devoted to benefits and assistance programs provided based on age.