Razem Academy Spring Term Enrolment

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Razem Academy Spring Term Enrolment

The current COVID-19 pandemic and constantly changing restrictions have caused uncertainties to multiply and have affected people’s emotional stability. Because of the lockdown, schools have been closed. Remote learning has become our only way of ensuring that our children receive continuous education. Before the pandemic, remote learning was a concept only applied in universities and colleges. However, the current pandemic has forced us all to adapt to remote learning all over the world, even in primary schools and pre-schools.

Since January 11th in Ireland, all schools have been closed and teachers have been teaching children on-line. Such a way of teaching and learning can be challenging which is why some parents praise it and others complain about it. Some children get their daily tasks via e-mail and others are happy because they get to communicate with their teachers on-line.

In Razem Academy, every child has a chance to communicate with their friends and their teacher on-line.

Our teachers have gained plenty of experience teaching remotely, while the curriculum and teaching materials have been adapted to satisfy the needs of remote learning.

Our teachers frequently avail of the different courses offered by the Centre for Vocational Education and they constantly develop the skills required for remote learning.

We encourage all the parents to avail of our school’s on-line learning offer.

The lessons are live-streamed on a modern platform called ClickMeeting that uses an interactive whiteboard and graphic materials allowing for effective and stress-free monitoring of children’s progress.

You can enrol your child today! We invite parents of children from all over Ireland to register their children for the second semester in our Polish school.

  • We guarantee a responsible education using modern technologies.
  • Lessons take place in the afternoon, in the middle of the week, between 4:30-6:30 PM (no weekends).
  • Fee is only €41 per month.
  • Unique curriculum tailored to the needs of remote learning.
  • You have 30 days to decide whether you want your child to continue learning with us without having to pay for the whole semester.

You can download the enrolment form here.


Meet our teachers, school principal, parents and pupils during our Virtual Open Day. Ask your questions and let us resolve your doubts!

Join us on Saturday January 30th at 6:00 PM for a live-streamed Open Day on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AkademiaRazem