Programs for active seniors

Programs for active seniors

The “Well-Informed Senior” program is a program for seniors from Poland in Ireland, whose aim is to improve the awareness of older people about the rights they acquire in Ireland upon arrival and with their age and in the course of their stay in Ireland. The program is co-financed from funds of the Community Foundation for Ireland. So if you are at least 60 years old, you live in County Cork, you have some time, thirst for knowledge and you are curious about the world, it is a program for you. By participating in the project:

– you will learn more about retirement in Ireland

– how much benefit you will receive

– you will learn what social support you can get from the State

– you will take part in the preparation of a professional Guide for Poles as an author of this publishing house

– you will learn more about the social support for seniors and you will be an expert for other seniors in Ireland

– you will take part in educational and workshop tours-trips in Ireland

– we will sponsor the whole tour, including hotel stay and sightseeing

– you will take part in events that promote the Guide under preparation

The project requires your participation in weekly meetings on Saturday from 5:00 to 7:00 PM and willingness to deepen your knowledge. Register your initial interest in the project today, fill out the registration form below. The program has a limited number of places, so hurry up, because not everyone will be selected for the program. If you have any questions please contact Project Coordinator Ms Ewa Iwkanty e-mail: