• €15 from you will pay all the costs of social or legal advice for one Polish family
    • €30 donated by you will cover the cost of one taddiction counselling session
    • €40 is one session of psychotherapy for a Pole in a crisis situation
    • €25 donated to us will allow us to translate a document for a woman staying in a women's shelter
    • €50 will allow us to cover the cost of one group therapy session

You can support us

The Together-Razem Centre has been operating as a charity for over 10 years, acting in four areas, i.e. counselling and support, education, mental health and promoting integration. Currently, Poles are the largest national minority and many of us are struggling with many problems, such as language barrier, addictions, depression, domestic violence, homelessness, barriers in access to the labour market, lack of knowledge in social, economic, health or educational areas.

The Together-Razem Centre strives to address these types of problems to the best of its ability.

Currently, the Centre is largely based on unpaid work of volunteers and by reaching for available sources of financing making it possible to carry out the services offered to Poles and emigrants from the Eastern part of Europe.

The Centre operates based on the principles of a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE, where the financing of some services results in that others receive a service free of charge, e.g. when charging a therapy fee of €40 per session, the professional is paid from this amount and the rest of the amount is transferred to finance a session for an unemployed person. Paid services finance these that are free of charge.

Despite cuts in the financing of the organisation in 2017, the Together-Razem Centre is still able to provide services at a high level, however, it is still necessary to look for various forms of financing to maintain these standards.

Fundraising in the form of direct donations is a popular form of financing non-governmental organisations in Ireland and the Irish are eager to support their organisations. There are nearly 5,000 organisations in Ireland that are officially registered as charities. Fundraising in Ireland has quite a good position in numbers compared to the rest of Europe and is more popular than in Poland. According to data for 2016, there were 25 non-profit organisations per 10,000 inhabitants in Ireland. And they are regularly willingly supported financially by the Irish.

For Irish people, it is obvious that you should support your organisations, and we in the Together-Razem Centre also encourage our compatriots to support their organisations whether, for example, in Dublin (e.g. the Biblary Library, Polish-Irish Society, POSK) or in Limerick (PAF) or Cork, we encourage you to support your Polish community schools, to support scouting organisations, choirs, local drama groups.

Support your community, support your organisations - calls the Irish Director of the Together-Razem Centre

Brendan Dempsey - Chairperson of the Together-Razem Centre


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