In our Centre, we provide an opportunity to take part in internships and we often host interns starting from the secondary school level, through people taking courses for adults.

We offer:

-flexible hours of the internship,

-support and assistance of the internship tutor

-work with a great team of people

Main tasks:

1. Administration and daily office work

2. Assistance in administrative work

3. Participation in internal team meetings and reporting of meetings

4. Marketing/PR tasks: writing press notes, building relations with the media, promoting projects and disseminating information about the organisation on the website and in social media - facebook, twitter, updating the website, designing posters and advertising leaflets.

5. Planning, organisation and implementation of current events;

6. Cooperation in regular projects of the organisation, such as: Legal and Social Counselling Centre, English language courses, the Razem Academy Polish Community School,

7. Other current tasks resulting from the organisation's calendar of activities


1. Proficiency in English in speech and writing

2. Motivation, initiative and creativity

3. Ability to work independently under time pressure

4. Confirmation of insurance from an educational institution

5. Letter from the school

Do you want to take part in an internship with us? Please write to us.