The Together-Razem Centre, as part of the ERASMUS PLUS program, offers free student internships, lasting a minimum of 3 to 6 months.

What we offer:

You will work in a very intense environment of the Together-Razem office, but also outside the office, and contact employees of other non-governmental organisations, our local partners.

You will work like on a full-time basis during the week, however very flexibly, depending on our needs.

Work in the Together-Razem Centre will allow you to learn about the operation of a charity working very close to people and their problems, delicate human matters, but also to learn about the lives of Poles, Polish community abroad and migrants from Eastern and Central Europe.

The time spent with us will be an excellent opportunity for you to gain experience in working with people, marketing, project management, administration and fundraising, and will give you the opportunity to meet inspiring people and get to know the community and life in Cork, Ireland.

Main duties:

1. Administration and daily office work

2. Assisting the Office Manager and other employees from the office

3. Participation in internal team meetings and reporting of meetings

4. Marketing/PR tasks: writing press notes, building relations with the media, promoting projects and disseminating information about the organisation on the website and in social media - facebook, twitter, updating the website, designing posters and advertising leaflets.

5. Planning, organisation and implementation of current events;

6. Cooperation in regular projects of the organisation, such as: Legal and Social Counselling Centre, English language courses, the Razem Academy Polish Community School,

7. Other current tasks resulting from the organisation's calendar of activities


Students interested in the English language and management of non-governmental organisations, social studies, marketing and public relations, intercultural communication, event management

Proficiency in English in speech and writing

Motivation, initiative and creativity

Ability to work independently under time pressure

Strong interpersonal skills and cultural awareness.

Personal profile:

We are looking for creative and motivated individualists who would like to work in a lively environment. Someone who can organise their own work.

A person who wants to make changes and is not afraid of challenges. A curious, warm and empathetic person, passionate about promoting culture, intercultural communication, willing to learn more about an NGO in Ireland, about project management

If you are interested, please send us your CV and a cover letter about why you would like to take an internship with us, what your interests are and what you could bring to the organisation.