Statistics for 2019

Numbers in 2019


Number of people who received support in 2019

Total number of people who received support in 2019

Interventions in 2019


Number of interventions for clients supported by the Together-Razem Centre

An intervention may include any action performed for the benefit of the client, among other things: advice, a therapeutic session, a phone call made on behalf of the client or a letter or an application written.

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Last Annual Report

Published report on the activity of the Together-Razem Centre Annual Report
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Who supported us in 2019

Association "Polish Community"
Co-financing of statutory activities: Projects: Social Counselling and Online Counselling Centre, as well as support for the senior group have received funding from the Association "Polish Community" from the resources of the Senate Chancellery within the framework of the care of the Senate of the Republic of Poland for the Polish community and Poles abroad in 2018.
Support of the project of U-Clinic in the field of providing addiction therapy for homeless people staying in hostels in Cork.
Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Dublin
"Support for families of economic migrants - Legal and Social Counselling Centre" and support for the operation of the Polish community schools - the projects were co-financed under the funds of the Polish community of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.
Cork City Council
Small Grants Scheme
Cork County Council
Community Enhancement Programme
European Union "Education Knowledge Development"
Grant for the implementation of the project "Without Borders" in the partnership with the West Pomeranian Advisory Group
Community Foundation for Ireland
Grant for the implementation of the "Informed Senior" project and the publication of a guide
National Lottery
A small grant for the development of therapy services