The Together-Razem Centre is a charity registered in the state institution regulating all such organisations, the Charity Regulator, under number 20075125, additionally having a tax exemption for a not-for-profit charity organisation in the Revenue Office and registered under number CHY 19216

The Together-Razem Centre conducts its mission based on the highest standards set by the Governance Code in Ireland, which has been signed by all members of the Board of Directors. The acceptance of high standards of control means that we conduct internal auditing and controlling carried out by the Finance & Audit Subcommittee and we produce Audted Accounts annualy.

The Together-Razem Centre have also filfilled all requirments of the Charity Regulator Governance Code and submitted the declaration ot the compliance to the governance code. Our charity applied all the six principles of the Charities Governance Code

Each year we present all our expenses and revenues to an external accounting firm to prepare a professional audit of our accounts – we do it for transparency, for our clients, funders and to assure everyone that we are a reliable organisation. The full audit is carried out by external company CRESCO Accountants from Cork.

The Together-Razem Centre, in order to exist and run its programs, needs external financing, so we organise public collections, fundraising events and provide paid services available to everyone, the so-called affordable services.