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Together-Razem Centre

a charity in Ireland operating since 2006

Our mission

Our mission is to provide efficient services aimed at improving the living conditions of Poles and Eeast-Central European migrants in Ireland

We implement the objectives of our mission through completion of the following tasks:

- provision of information on broadly understood social welfare system and health system in Ireland, i.e. types of support, legal regulations, laws, etc.

- advocacy

- providing our clients with social welfare guides issued in languages other than English

- organising activities aimed at helping individuals and families to strengthen or regain their ability to function in a society

- analysing and evaluating factors driving demand of immigrant communities for the Irish social assistance and creating an internal database that allows for modification and development of those activities undertaken within the Centre

- offering psychotherapeutic assistance and legal and social advice

- organising English lessons

- running counselling services in native language

- developing policies and programmes aimed at improving quality of life of Polish and East-Central Europeans in Irelamd

- training volunteers in the field of activities undertaken by the Centre

- cooperating with the overnment authorities and non-governmental organisations, employers, individuals and legal entities in terms of statutory tasks

- organising workshops, training, conferences and meetings

- preparing reports, analysis, evaluations and information on the tasks carried out

- conducting original projects implemented within the Centre

- running other activities conducive to the development of the statutory objectives of the organisation.

We provide support in four areas:

1. Advice and information support

We provide advice through Legal Clinics with Irish solicitors and we conduct information seminars.

We run a unique online advice platform available to all Poles in Ireland and in Poland at

2. Education

We run English lessons, Polish lessons for foreigners, Polish afternoon school for Polish children called Razem Academy located in Cork County and also Polish School Online with a national reach.

We also organise educational programmes for seniors in Cork and in Dublin

In addition, we run a number of programmes to improve active citizenship, electoral education programmes and programmes to improve mental health.

3. Mental health

We run a clinic of integrated psychotherapeutic services, U-Clinic, for people experiencing problems such as: depression, problems in relationships, addictions, co-dependence etc. Counselling is available to all Poles and Romanians living in Ireland via online software

4. Promoting integration

We participate in and organise various integration programmes.


Number of service users

users of our services since 2012


Number of interventions

acts on behalf of our service users since 2012

A registered charity

We are registered in the Company Registration Office as CLG No: 517942.

We are also a fully registered charity entered into the Charities Regulator register under the number 20075125.

We are registered with the Revenue under the number CHY19216.

We are supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Dublin.

We are part of the The Wheel and also affiliated with the Public Participation Network in Cork.

We are a member organisation of the European Union of Polish Communities.

Video prepared in 2013, showing the activities of the Together-Razem Centre from the times it was located at George's Quay in Cork