Matriculation workshops

"I'm so glad to see you. Thanks to the Polish language classes, my daughter Ula has been admitted to the studies she dreamt of", "An additional 80 points on the Leaving Cert is a lot, and the atmosphere at the classes is great", "Thanks to the classes I have met great people!", "Who would have thought that I will still make use of my Polish?", "Every additional language is an asset", "Thank you on behalf of my son. He has been admitted to architecture!", "Every point can be important for further career"... These are true statements of students and their parents when asked whether preparing for the exam in Polish as a foreign language at the Irish matriculation exams makes sense. In the end, it's about teenagers who came to Ireland quite a few years ago and have assimilated. They finished their education in Polish schools as small children, they speak with their peers only in English. They know Polish only from home or holiday trips to the family. Actually, they do not even know the Polish language, but its everyday, colloquial and unofficial version. They do not write in Polish, and grammatical and spelling rules are a mystery to them. However, they are ambitious people with goals in life, capable and ready to take up challenges. If they decide to prepare for the Leaving Cert exam in Polish, they will only gain from it. First of all, they will meet people similar to them. They will have a chance to talk in their native language for two hours a week, they will read interesting texts specially tailored to their interests. In a friendly atmosphere, they will meet with culture and art... They will have a sense of participation in the education process. It will not be easy, because the current structure of the exam does not allow the student to demonstrate, for example, an excellent ability to listen to and speak Polish. The skill of reading and writing is checked, often in a rigorous manner. Without syllabuses, textbooks and educational materials for teachers. It would be a miracle to raise virtuoso writers having only two hours in a week... However... If it is not possible to easily achieve everything, does it mean that we should give up and do nothing? Or is it worth trying? For me, the answer is simple... Besides - "An additional 100 points on the Leaving Cert is something." If you would like to know more, write an email to razemacademy@together-razem.org. We are gathering a group to carry out the matriculation course

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The matriculation course will only take place when a group of at least 6 people is formed.