U-Clinic Team

The clinic's team consists of professional therapists and educators, who are gradually improving their qualifications, training both in Poland and Ireland. Therapists have accreditation and insurance to provide professional therapeutic assistance and work under constant supervision.

Wojciech Białek

Psychotherapist of addiction Clinic Coordinator

Therapeutic approach: Cognitive-behavioral therapy and Motivational Dialogue

Clinic Coordinator. Master in sociology of human behaviour, a certified addiction therapist, an experienced social worker with qualifications accredited by the National Social Work Qualification Board in Ireland, currently registered in the Irish register of professional social workers, CORU, under number SW00585. He has experience in working with addicts, persons socially excluded and at risk of exclusion both in Ireland and in Poland. He completed training in addiction therapy at the Polish and German Blue Cross Institute in Poland, while in Ireland he obtained the Diploma in Addiction Studies at HSE Arbour House in Cork and is an accredited addiction therapist in Ireland at ACI (Addiction Counselors of Ireland) with the entry under the number: 2016M01. In 2014, he also completed a specialised course of detoxification ear acupuncture led by Philipp Pujade. He works under constant supervision of certified supervisor Pat Coughlan.

Monika Kucharska


Therapeutic approach: dynamic psychotherapy

She conducts individual psychotherapy and therapy of couples. She completed a comprehensive Course of Psychotherapy approved by the Scientific Section of Psychotherapy and the Scientific Section of Family Therapy of the Polish Psychiatric Association, organised by the Department of Treatment of Personality Disorders and Neuroses at J. Babiński Specialised Hospital in Kraków. She completed additional training in couples therapy, including the Psychotherapy of Couples and Marriages Course organised by Małopolska Psychotherapy Centre. She works with adults, in the psychodynamic trend, using system understanding in the couples therapy. She is a member of the Polish Psychiatric Association. She undergoes regular supervision during therapeutic work.

Marika Mikulak


Therapeutic approach: humanistic and integrative

She is a psychotherapist educated in the humanistic and integrative approach. In October 2015, she received a diploma from the Flatstone Institute in Cork, Ireland, this course is accredited by the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP). In October 2016, she decided to start her extramural master's studies in the field of integrative psychotherapy at the Metanoia Institute in London, United Kingdom. She is an accredited member of the IAHIP. For the last five years, she has worked in a centre for homeless men – St. Vincent's Hostel.

Katarzyna Walkowska


In the certification process

Addiction therapy instructor in the certification process. She completed a two-year training at the "Blue Cross" Polish and German Institute of Addiction Therapy in Poland. She has many years of experience working with addicts and people in crisis. She completed many courses and training in the field of helping addicts and in the field of crisis intervention. She runs groups and educational workshops for addicts.

Agata Bartczak-Bialek


In the course of the system psychotherapy training

Master in pedagogical therapy. Experienced social worker and educator. She has experience in contact with addicts and persons socially excluded and at risk of exclusion both in Poland and Ireland. Founder and coordinator of the POMOST Sobriety Club in Ireland in 2011-2015. She completed a series of trainings in Ireland organised by the HSE in Ireland, including facilitation in group therapy, the SOAR model of work with addicts and many other smaller trainings. At the Clinic, she works mainly with women with adaptive problems (co-addicts and ACA). Currently she is attending a certified course in systemic psychotherapy in the Wielkopolska Systemic Therapy Association.

Monika Deasy

Psychologist, therapist

In the course of training in Gestalt therapy

She is a Master of Psychology and Educational Psychologist. For three years, she has been expanding her skills in the field of Gestalt psychotherapy (at the Irish Gestalt Centre), and she practices as a psychotherapist at U-Clinic. Gestalt therapy allows for looking at man and his problems as a whole and individually. She says about her therapeutic work: "Each of us is experiencing difficulties at various stages of life. They are particularly severe when, living abroad, we do not have enough support from the environment. Therapy may turn out to be the best way out of the crisis and a place of support.