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Telefony specjalne, w nagłych przypadkach

04/11/2014 - 13:31
Emergency Services (if life is at risk) 112 or 999
Cork County Council Roads Department North Cork (office hours) 022 21123
Cork County Council Roads Dept West Cork (office hours) 028 21299
Cork County Council Roads Dept South Cork (office hours) 021 4276891
Cork County Council Roads Emergency (out of hours) 021 4800048
Maintenance of Motorways & Dual Carriageways (including the road from Mallow to Cork). 0818 715100
Cork County Council Water Services (office hours) 021 4285353
Cork County Council Water Services Emergency Number (out of hours) 021 4800048
Bord Gáis Networks Emergency Number 1850 20 50 50
ESB Networks Emergency Number 1850 372 999
Eircom 1901
Irish Water   1890 278278
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Section in English

We are starting new English language courses
Looking to improve your English or start to learn from the scratch?    Do it with us,  enroll now with this form.   It's quick and easy!
Form here: Good luck !
Need more info ? Ring us or email us:  0214967743
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Celebrating 10 years - some key facts
A Brief Overview of Together-Razem 2006 -2016
Our Mission is to provide services that support and promote the integration and well-being of the Polish and East-Central European Community in Cork and beyond
Some Important Data…
123,000 Polish nationals in Ireland
32,000 Polish nationals in Cork City and County (25% of total Polish population)
The Polish community is the largest non-national community in Ireland 
The population size has stabilised, and may grow due to Brexit concerns 
About Together-Razem
Registered charity based in Cork, established in 2006.
Mainly run by Polish volunteers, 
Offers 4 core services:
Mental Wellbeing Support – mainly through “one to one” clinics in Cork
Advice – assistance to access services. “One to one” support for Cork area and National on-line service. Information seminars.
Improving English language proficiency – English language courses 
Fostering Integration – organising Integration events and facilitating social interaction
For 10 years Together-Razem has provided support to 8584 Polish and East-Central nationals since 2006, often multiple interventions.  
The charity has received multiple awards for its contribution to society.
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Outstanding Polish Person in Ireland
On 13 November 2016 one of our Directors Bozena Cierlik received prestigious award Wybitny Polak w Irlandii - Outstanding Polish Person in Ireland, category Education, presented by the Polish Ambassador in Ireland Prof R. Sarkowicz,  Minister of State in the Office of the Polish President Mr A. Kwiatkowski  and President of the Foundation for the Polish Promotion Emblem Teraz Polska Mr K. Przybyl
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