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Centrum Wsparcia i Integracji  ‘’Together- Razem ’’ wychodząc naprzeciw potrzebom  niesienia pomocy osobom bezdomnym  zainicjowało od marca 2012 r.  Program  Befriending  dla bezdomnych Polaków w Cork. 

W trakcie kilkuletniej pracy naszego Centrum spotkaliśmy się z wieloma osobami,które są równocześnie klientami St. Vincet oraz Cork Simon wielu z nich udzielaliśmy już dotąd różnorakiej pomocy socjalnej wynikającej z zadań realizowanych przez Centrum, nie jesteśmy więc   dla większości z nich osobami zupełnie obcymi, wierzymy wręcz, że udało nam się zbudować ze sporą grupą więź opartą na zaufaniu co jest przecież fundamentalną kwestią w działaniach pomocowych.
Celem  programu jest niesienie pomocy ludziom bezdomnym, samotnym, skrzywdzonym społecznie, ofiarom przemocy domowej, niepełnosprawnym społecznie poprzez nawiązanie więzi, zdobyciu  ich zaufania i sprawienie poczucia równości wśród społeczeństwa.. Podstawową zasadą, jaką wyznaje program Befriending jest to, iż każdemu człowiekowi należy się szansa na godne życie i wierze,   że nikt nie jest stracony na zawsze a pomoc przyjaciela sprawi, iż  osoby te  uwierzą  w  siebie i nie będą  się czuć wyalienowane ze społeczeństwa. 
Program Befrending opiera się na spotkaniach raz w tygodniu  wolontariusza Centrum Together  dzięki uprzejmości hostelu St. Vincent z rezydentem tejże placówki.  
Wolontariusz pomaga  utrzymać profesjonalne granice wśród uczestników zajęć, dostarcza im wiedzy z różnych dziedzin wiedzy, wsparcia oraz  kieruje w miarę  potrzeb. Jego  rola w Befriending  polega  na wspieraniu, wzmacnianiu i ułatwianiu rozwoju osobistego uczestników poprzez tematykę spotkań w której poruszone zostają takie tematy jak: moje powody uczestnictwa w grupie, moje najważniejsze wartości, moje marzenia, moja samotność. 
In the course of several years of work of our Center we met with many people who are clients at the same time St. Vincet, we gave many of them  different kinds of social support resulting from the tasks of the Centre, we will not be so for most of them strangers people, even believe that we have built with a large group relationship based on trust which is after all a fundamental issue  in assistance activities.
The program aim is to help people homeless, lonely, hurt by society, victims of domestic violence, socially handicapped by establishing relationships, winning their confidence and make sense of equality among the population . The basic principle which professes Befriending program is that every man should get a chance for a dignified life and the belief that no one is lost forever and help a friend cause that they believe in themselves and will not feel alienated from society.
Homelessness is a condition that is difficult to understand a man who never lived like that. Homeless people often encounter in their path, because is the image of contemporary reality. Homeless people are different, they different in terms of personality traits, interests, manners, behavior, but the final conclusion is the same beings like us. Befriending scheme gives a sense of equality to all who participate in it - volunteer  and the person from Center. These people are just more affected by fate, and may proceed by its own. They have become homeless for various reasons and know what it’ mean hunger, sleeping under the sky, what a chill and disease. That is the picture of Polish homeless in Cork. Most of them came to Ireland to work. However, many have lost it with the advent of the crisis and landed on the street. They don’t want to go back to home because they hope that the crisis has passed and will be able to work again and also is the shame of   family, friends. But you can’t generalize that every homeless person looked like it. However, it can be concluded that in most cases, each of them went into this state. Homeless, we can share the so-called,  hostel and beyond. People who live in shelters have better living conditions. They have basic needs met, and the second type of homeless are no longer so easily, cleanly, suffering from cold, they have nowhere to sleep, sleep on the sidewalks, outdoor activities, such a picture has the most homeless people. As we have not once heard from themselves - the homeless say the Polish in Cork have a negative attitude to them. Sometimes, looking at the homeless turn their faces to avoid an embarrassing picture of contemporary reality. That is why it is so important Befriending program showing the equality of all walks of life who meet on the same street, in the same store or church.
Homelessness - is not only a lack of housing, but also the loss of home as a way of being, a sense of connection with place and people, homeless people really yearn for normality, for the homeland, his family, normal interpersonal relationships. We have not once be apparent from interviews conducted among Polish immigrants from St. Vincent in Cork. They lack a sense of equality among the Polish community and the residents of Cork.
Homeless people feel the same way as we do. It's the same person as any of us, we are in no way better than them and they worse than us. Modernity is cruel, it may happen in our lives so that we become homeless, because from our side should be primarily for the homeless estimate.
Hardly anyone of us thinks that the crust of dirty clothes, long beards, and generally poor appearance, hides a fantastic man. You just need to give them  somewhere to wash, dress, shave, and emerge in a completely different character. In our work with the homeless Society Together –Razem saw a lot of  metamorphoses, often surprising and unbelievable. The homeless they have two sides, the outer a little dirty, disheveled and internal, which often is not for us completely known.
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19/09/2017 - 13:57
Our new location and services
At Together-Razem we are changing and constantly developing and enhancing our services. Going from strength to strength, we are very excited to inform you that Together-Razem Centre has recently moved to a new location. 
We kindly ask that you all to update our contact details as from the 18th of May you can find us in our new office:
Unit 2A, Kilnap Business & Technology Park, 
Mallow Road, 
tel. 0214395588
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PolskaEire Festival launch in Cork
The 2017 PolskaEire Festival in Cork has been successfully launched at Heron House, at the Blackpool Shopping Center & Retail Park. Lord Mayor Cllr. Des Cahill was on the site to officially launch the festival. Other speakers were: David Stanton TD, Minister of State for Justice with special responsibility for Equality, Immigration, and Integration, and Piotr Rakowski - First Advisor, Head of Political and Economic Section; Political and European integration, Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Dublin. Great musical performance by Natalia Bakula (violin). At the opening we saw a specially prepared photo exhibition by Krzysztof Rosa - "Love doesn’t ask for a passport". Seamus Kirkpatrick from UCC delivered speech about love in Art.
The Craic was dobry again in Cork! Big thank you to Blackpool Shopping Centre & Retail Park for hosting the event! source  
Photos by Guy Heynen & Jana Šlebodová

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01/06/2017 - 20:12
New office opening

enter Together-Razem Centre has moved to a new location and on the 18th May 2017 we have officially opened our new office at Kilnap Business Park with Ambassador of Poland HE Ryszard Sarkowicz, Deputy Lord Mayor Cllr Joe Kavanagh and other members of Polish & Irish community. It was a very special today with warms wishes and on behalf od the Board of Directors we would like to say big thank you to all our friends and supporter for being with us that day.

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